The Cotton Candy Machine

The Floss Boss!

Kids love cotton candy! It's just so sweet and fun to eat (even if it's not very neat). But you can't get soft, fluffy, freshly made cotton candy unless you go to a fair or carnival. Right? Wrong!
With The Cotton Candy Machine, you can make mounds of soft, deliciously sweet cotton candy. And with 6 different flavors to choose from, you can't miss!
This Floss Boss comes with everything you need to make about 70 delicious servings.*

$65 for 8 hours

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The Cotton Candy Machine

A Sweet Choice for the Weekday Special!

  • Rent any inflatable at our standard daily rate.
  • Add The Cotton Candy Machine, including enough supplies for about 70 servings, for no extra charge!*
  • Offer valid MONDAY - THURSDAY only (excl. holidays).

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The Cotton Candy Machine
* Please Note: Additional concession supplies are available for an additional fee. Call for details.