Obstacle Courses

Not Too Big, Not Too Small!

The 40 Ft. Obstacle Course

Features jump–through openings, pop ups, log jams, squeeze walls and crawl tubes!

Dual Lane Duel!

The Ultimate Module Challenge

The three–piece Ultimate Module Challenge brings together a double–lane slide with tunnel exits and a pair of L–shaped obstacle alleys for hundreds of obstacle course  designs. The name says it all.

What a Rush!

The Adrenaline Rush II

The top of the line obstacle course! Huge 38' L x 26' W x 16' H. Three sections (can be rented separately).

For Dinosaur Diggers!

The Jurassic Adventure

Two slides, two jumping areas, a climbing wall and several pop-up obstacles. Will hold up to 10 kids at once.

Enter If You Dare!

The Toxic Drop

Offers players 7 obstacles to test their skills. Jump, climb, squeeze, vault, drop, balance and slide as you pit your speed and strength against your opponent.