Safety Rules

For Your Protections...

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Inflate Your Party is dedicated to providing your party with high quality equipment with an emphasis on safety.
To ensure this high level of safety we must insist that you strictly adhere to a few simple safety rules.
  1. The ride should only be used when there is a responsible adult present.
  2. Extra caution should be used with children under 3 years of age.
  3. The ride should not be used in high wind, rain or lightning conditions. In these conditions the ride should be evacuated, the blower turned off and covered, and the ride deflated.
  4. No flips, wrestling, or extreme horseplay allowed on the inflatables.
  5. Riders must remove shoes, glasses, jewelry and any and all sharp objects.
  6. No food, drink or gum allowed.
  7. Riders should be sorted by size. Only riders of the same approximate size should be on the inflatable at the same time.
  8. Rider capacity of the inflatable should never be exceeded. The rider limit number will be posted on the "RULES" board outside the inflatable.
  9. No climbing or hanging on the safety netting.
  10. In the event the unit loses power, the attendant should assist the riders out of the unit and allow the unit to deflate. Check all power connections. If problem persists, contact Inflate Your Party at either of the following numbers: 734-417-4580 or 734-417-4581.
  11. If the inflatable becomes damaged for any reason, assist all riders from the inflatable and deflate it. Contact Inflate Your Party immediately and please do not attempt to repair the unit yourself.
  12. ABSOLUTELY NO SILLY STRING or similar product should be used in or around the inflatable. These products are extremely detrimental to these units and their future performance, therefore, renters will be responsible for any damages.