The Palms Slip–N–Dip


Looking for some slippin', slidin' action? The 34' long Palm Slip–N–Dip will deliver!
Kids will have a wet and wild blast sliding along the tropical lanes, and dipping into the catch pool of water at the end with a splash!
Blow it up, add water and you've got cool, wet Summer fun that will keep your crowd entertained for the whole day.

$300 for 8 hours

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Need More Wet–N–Wild Action?

Rent the Slip–N–Dip together with The Blue Crush and really stretch out the slippery sliding action!
With 74 feet of cool, wet sliding fun and a tropical theme, your party will only get better as it gets wetter.
Beat the Summer Heat with this slippin', slidin' treat!

$750 for 8 hours

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34' L x 11' W x 9' H
The Palms Slip–N–Dip