The Vertical Rush

Are You Ready to Verti–Go?

For thrill–seekers who are "up to the challenge", The Vertical Rush combines obstacles, a rock wall and dual slides for 22' of pure vertical excitement!
Guaranteed to provide hours of fun for the guests at your event.

$650 for 8 hours

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Looking for Even More "Thrills 'N' Spills"?

Rent The Vertical Rush along with either The 40' Obstacle Course or The Rock Climb Slide. They connect together for more extended fun!
You can even connect together all three for 98' of non–stop inline action!
28' L x 18' W x 22' H
The Vertical Rush Party Inflatable Slide
Vertical Rush + 40' Obstacle Coursesee it
68' x 18' X 22' $875.00 Reserve Now
Vertical Rush + Rock Climb Slide 58' x 18' x 22' $875.00 Reserve Now
Vertical Rush + 40' Obstacle Course + Rock Climb Slide 98' x 18' X 22' $1100.00 Reserve Now