The Rock Climb Slide

Looking For Some Vertical Action?

Try The Rock Climb Slide! The back side is a rock climbing wall that offers a real vertical challenge. Once you're at the top, a giant slide awaits on the other side. Race a friend up, over, and down this amazing dual lane Rock Climb Slide.

$350 for 8 hours

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Not Enough Action Yet?

Add The Vertical Rush or The 40' Obstacle Course for a double dose of action! Add both for an action triple-threat! The Rock Climb Slide can connect in series with either, or both, to make three different amazing obstacle course configurations.
30' L x 11' W x 16' H
The Rock Climb Slide Party Inflatable
Rock Climb Slide + Vertical Rushsee it
58' x 18' x 22' $875.00 Reserve Now
Rock Climb Slide + 40' Obstacle Course 70' x 11' X 16' $630.00 Reserve Now
Rock Climb Slide, Vertical Rush & 40' Obstacle Coursesee it
98' x 18' x 22' $1100.00 Reserve Now